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Enjoy the Best of the Lake District in Istanbul The Atakent Project is a luxury Project located in the heart of Istanbul. This project was built by a group of Turkish businessmen to offer the very best and most luxurious apartments to the tourists visiting Istanbul or those who want to live in. As the name suggests, the Atakent Project is a project of luxury and comfort. It is a five star accommodation and the whole concept of this buildings are to provide you with a peaceful and relaxing stay. It is situated near the banks of the lake of kucukcekmece close to the biggest mall in Istanbul ( Mall of Istanbul ). One can find many facitilies around the area of the project. The project has been designed and built keeping in mind that all the people coming to Turkey will have their own unique style and taste. The developers have tried to create a place which is the epitome of luxury and comfort. So, if you come to Turkey, you will find all the best in all types of accommodation facilities. If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay, then this project is definitely the right place for you. The project is a luxurious and quiet oasis, away from the hustle bustle of Istanbul. The location itself is just perfect for staying in. The property itself is situated on a natural lake surrounded by quite area The Atakent Project is located on the outskirts of the city. It offers an attractive location with excellent lake view. It is located on the heart of Istanbul close to the new airport ( Istanbul Grand Airport ) There are many great advantages of staying in the Atakent Project in Istanbul. First of all, this project is located right in the middle of all the entertainment and recreational centers. This is another reason why the whole concept of the project is such a hit. The developers have made sure that every visitor staying at his apartment will enjoy their stay and experience everything the area has to offer. If you want to see the best of the city and see the real Istanbul, then stay at this amazing building. The Atakent project has two main buildings. Each building has its own private beach and swimming pool which is perfect for a complete getaway. You can relax at the park and swim with your family or friends and enjoy the sun. The building is also a great option to take out with your kids. You can let them play in the water or go for a walk in the nearby yards and gardens. Some of the apartments are fully furnished with all the modern amenities. The rooms are well equipped with comfortable beds and private bathrooms. The property has a spa treatment room with hydrotherapy tubs and sauna. There is also a fitness center with yoga and Pilates classes. There is a lot of shopping available in the Project. You can get an affordable and stylish wardrobe for yourself and for your family. You can also shop at the market and buy anything from flowers to spices to handbags. The restaurants are also available in the Atakent Project. You can try out the Turkish delicacies and enjoy a variety of mouthwatering meals to the fullest. You can choose to go out to the park near the apartment or you can cook your own meal. You can even eat breakfast outside on the terrace.

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  • $110000

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  • 2021-January

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Atakent project in central istanbul