A new road connects the Black Sea and the White Sea

A new road connects the Black Sea and the White Sea

The road connecting the White Sea and the Black Sea is one of the greatest Turkish projects and achievements that occupy a large space not only on the part of the Turkish government and its people, but global interest due to the economic and strategic importance of this project.

Turkey is one of the countries that has succeeded in achieving many achievements and keeping pace with the tremendous development the world is witnessing, during the era of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has succeeded in walking on the path of comprehensive development, whether in terms of economic, social, and agricultural.

It was able to overcome all crises and withstand all the changes that the world is witnessing, including conflicts in politics and economics, thanks to a series of large projects that aim to implement and complete them within a year.

2023, whether it is the new Istanbul Canal or the third airport and many other investment projects in the field of real estate, as well as the road linking the White Sea and the Black Sea, which is included in the list of giant projects in Turkey, which aims to establish its feet and enter into global competition and achieve economic and social stability for its people in all aspects Life.

Turkey's possession of all the ingredients for successful countries from a strategic location makes it one of the excellent tourist countries that many foreign visitors visit, as well as the huge economic projects that are being worked out in full swing.

This, of course, is in addition to the combination of history and civilization, which makes it the focus of everyone's attention constantly to follow the situation and the latest developments, and one of the most famous countries that many Arabs visit, whether for tourism and enjoying the wonderful views it contains.

Or for the purpose of investment, being one of the countries that greatly facilitate foreign investments and opportunities for investors to enter the country, all of this in addition to the mega projects that are being implemented that will be a great source of income for the country and for investors.